Our Mission

Carbon Composite Industrial Components
Boosting the Productivity, Performance and Capability of many types of Equipment

CompoTech is a Composite Engineering Design Consultancy, Process Development and Manufacturing Company. We work with our customers to develop composite components that will improve strength stiffness and damping, reduce weight and vibration, enable faster more accurate operation using smaller motors and consuming less energy

We are specialists in optimising composite structure from the overall shape down to individual fibre filaments; our know-how includes calculating the dynamic frequencies and damping.

CompoTech supplies one off special components, short run serial components and with our partners will supply a complete composite production facility for your a company’s volume requirements at their factory.

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Our Capability

Our capabilities are focused around our people and our process.  The key to our success is being able to design with a complete understanding or our manufacturing process.  Our manufacturing process has been developed in-house over the years to meet the requirements of the many projects we have undertaken.  Creating both product and process means that our engineers know both the strengths and limitations of the process and can respond to project requirements appropriately.  These capabilities mean that the most efficient use of material and manufacturing process has been developed.  This is termed “whole composite solution” – a laminate designed specific to the customer needs according to our process.

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Our History

Since 1995, CompoTech has grown from two men winding carbon fibre in a garage to where we are today.  The company has continually developed the production process as well as improving design methods and adapting to new materials.

CompoTech has changed in size and setting but is still recognised for its core process and dedication to innovation, development and quality.  Looking outward,  the same values prevail encouraging ideas to challenge the norm and to look for new and niche opportunities.  When looking inward we give our employees opportunities to develop and consider them all part of the CompoTech family.

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CompoTech Directors

Dr. Ondrej Uher

Research and Development Director

Ing. Vítek Šprdlík

Engineering Director

Rory Carter

Director and Chairman

Vladislav Ptašnik

Production Director