The Hammer Test

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Hammer test....

You can theorise all you like,  have many Phd boffins doing detail calculations,   ...but nothing convinces an engineer more than a basic physical test.

These are some of the first CompoTech Carbon Fibre beams with composite Dynamic Damping, cDD, being tested relative the same beam without the damping material.

These beams are destined for lightweight robotic applications where they are expected to improve the speed and accuracy of the tasks being performed.

CompoTech Carbon Fibre Composite beams have been deployed reliably for many years in many applications.  The combination of the unique CompoTech manufacturing  process, innovative composite, and clever design detail have resulted in stronger stiffer and lighter beams of all shapes.   The addition of damping technology completes a portfolio of technology that will drive forward productivity for many CompoTech customers in a range of industries.

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