Composite Dynamic Damping

Composite Dynamic Damping, cDD

The real benefit to machine builders is the improvement in Dynamic Damping. Everything vibrates at it's own natural frequency and every material has a damping coefficient, ζ (zeta) which is the rate of vibration decay.

CompoTech have developed new composites that have the ability to dissipate vibrational energy.
Tests were done by comparing 3 Spindle Tubes:- with and without a simulated tool of 30kg
Each with the same dimensions, 415 mm x 170 mm, and each tested with the same 4000 N load.   It was shown that the Graphite Carbon Damping Spindle Tube has nearly double the Natural Frequency, 12 x better Dynamic Damping and 7 x better Dynamic Stiffness.

It was shown that not only do Carbon-Graphite-Damping Composites have a higher stiffness and a higher natural frequency, but they also have a lower response at the points of sympathetic vibration. This reduces the response to excitation frequencies and should permit higher accuracy and / or higher cutting speed. The productivity of “Removing Metal” should be significantly better.


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